Is Your woman's beach gear P900-safe?

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Re: Is Your woman's beach gear P900-safe?

Postby Deplorable » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:26 am

Reg wrote:Yeah, Yaweh, do all that stuff for Daniel so he won't wank so much.

Well, thanks I guess? I guess I have to appreciate jewr prayer. You are praying a lot to Yahweh lately. Does this mean something?

Reg wrote:Maximum zoom. Same exposure.

Huh. No female meat on that pool at all. Did You focus on the right pool? I'd like to take some shots of the Lindstedt-wife type bending over on a pool. You know, fill those pixels with a large horse butt. You know, or other extreme forms of women. Extremely pale. Or extremely black. Extremely tall, extremely small, Extremely busty. Or flat. Has to be extreme though. As I am an extremist. And it should be a natural shot. Not posing.

Reg wrote: If there had been a hot girl there, Daniel might upset Yaweh.

True again. Yahweh has his first arisen as a threat, always impending to strike on those Israelites who anger or disappoint him.
Better to read some religious literature on that pool instead. That is what pleases Yahweh!
Nice low-light capability though.
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