Fisherman with giant pearl could have owned a yacht

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Fisherman with giant pearl could have owned a yacht

Postby ANTI-VENOM » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:57 am

The world record for the largest pearl has been broken by a filipino fisherman who kept the pearl for over 10 years not knowing its value. You have got to see this pearl it is damn huge. The former largest pearl was 6.2 kg This one is 34 kg and estimated at over 100 million in worth. I don't know if it is solid or maybe if there is even a dead diver inside the pearl who tried to steal it from a giant clam. Totally possible as some giant clams can weigh over 200 kg. I wonder if he still has his health, I mean for 10 years he didn't have to live as a fisherman and probably has a very cheap boat. Now he can afford a mansion and yacht and never work again all because of sum giant clam mucus/cum that solidified.
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